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Embedded GUI Solutions

DigiZap Embedded GUI Solutions enable manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smart and graphic-rich user interface on a new or existing microcontroller based products. The core technology includes DigiZap's Serial-Enabled Graphic Engine (Sege) , Embedded Touchscreen Modules (eTSM). and window's based embedded GUI design software (uiLab).
DigiZap Embedded GUI Solutions are perfect for the embedded market such as industrial, medical, automation, test & measurement and consumer products.

DigiZap Embedded GUI solutions help partition the GUI development from the rest of the application. It is well known that as GUI project grow, GUI processes burden the host controller by as much of 60% or more. Thus, the developer is forced to use more powerful and costly processor to run the application and the GUI. By partitioning the GUI, the developer still able to use a smaller and less expensive host processor (8-bit) to run the application.
Two simple steps are required to fully design your Embedded GUI:
STEP1: Design your GUI screens visually using DigiZap Visual GUI Builder "uiLab", compile and save to the Sege flash memory.
STEP2: Your microcontroller (Host) sends serial commands to control, update and response to the user interface.